Hey, howya doin’? I’m doin’ pretty good myself. I mean, what the hell, I’m still alive and I’m not in jail, and believe me, both those options presented themselves plenty of times but I’m not sure if it was the big guy upstairs that helped me or whether it was just plain ol’ fate itself. And I don’t care but I’m thankful, that I can tell you. Anyway, a snapshot of my life right this minute finds me:

1. Clean and sober for 62 days, which for me is huge. If i’m not clean and sober, none of the other things I’m working on happens. 

2. I’m finishing up my memoir which is due for release on October 1, 2017. Please visit BradsMemoir.com.

3. I’m also working on Brad’s Videos of the Day on a daily basis. I make a webcam video everyday of how I’m feeling in general and also how I am feeling regarding my addictions, recovery, and just about any other goddamn thing that comes into my head.

Please visit BradsVideosoftheDay.com.